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Developing my business

  • My business is doing well, what now?
  • What is the best way to grow my business?
  • What if I want to make changes to expand the business?
  • What are the compliance implications of expanding?
  • Will I need additional support and services?
  • Where can I source funding or investment for my business?
  • How shall I take on partners, directors or investors?


Many business owners aim to provide themselves and their families with a steady income and to be independent rather than employed by someone else; they may wish to maintain their business position or grow and expand.

There are several areas we can help with if you decide to grow the business, change direction, or deal with unexpected events:

  • Taking on new partners, directors or investors – sometimes the business is ready to be run by more than just one person. You may need to bring in someone else to run things with you but there is a balance to be struck between incentivising that person and giving away too much control too soon. We can advise on the various ways in which new business partners or co-investors may be introduced.
  • Corporate finance – as businesses grow they tend to have a need for finance to acquire the staff, equipment or premises required to facilitate that growth. The outlay for such things comes often long before the fruits of that labour which means the business may need financial help by way of overdraft, loans or other sources of funding. We can help by discussing the right funding options with you.

Contact us today on 01246 276671 and we can talk to you personally about your business development ideas.

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